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I am convinced that there is a direct link between our well-being and nature. 


Outdoor-walks and beach visits are perceived to be therapeutic and healing. Especially here in south Florida there are many opportunities to connect with nature.  


Nevertheless, we get sucked in to the daily grind and are paralyzed by electronic overstimulation. In addition, we destroy the very thing that heals us by over consumption, pollution and the need for immediate gratification.  


I draw inspiration from my personal experiences as a full-time working mother and wife, my love for nature, science, osteology and emotional discovery.  


My paintings call attention to the animal or specimen depicted in the center of the image, as if found in a showcase in a natural history museum. Contrasting and bright colors with glitch imagery or graphic patterns surround the animal symbolizing outer influences such as stress, disturbances and struggles.


The natural versus the artificial. The autonomous versus the vicious cycle.  


Yet, I remain hopeful that we will remember to return to nurturing mother nature and live in harmony with the environment and others. 

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