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24" X 24" oil on canvas

Rabenmutter (raven mother) is a German expression used to describe a bad mother, who does not take sufficient care of her children, often because she is combining family with work.

This painting highlights the struggle of new working mothers, trying to cope with society’s expectations. Finding the balance between financially providing and caring for their baby seems often times impossible and leaves mothers riddled with guilt when leaving their child to go to work.

No consideration is given for the mother’s well-being who is often exhausted and trapped in a whirlwind of emotions. We give it all, our bodies, energy, dedication and sanity to be there for our baby, yet we are left feeling that it is never enough. The emotional and mental state of young mothers has long been forgotten and it is expected that life will continue just as it was before giving birth.


The skull in the center of the painting symbolizes how empty we often feel inside. Lifelessly tracking along from one task to the next. The skull is surrounded by graphics of milk glands and ducts which is a constant reminder that we must produce to provide for our young, while breastfeeding is nearly made impossible. The background is covered with a variety of swirls, reflective of the whirlwind of emotions that haunt us.

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